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Social Media During Divorce

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Tips for Social Media Use During Divorce

There are many potential pitfalls to using social media during the divorce process.

If you don’t shut it off completely, we recommend:

  • Avoiding posting any disparaging comments about your spouse
  • Avoiding posting photos showing you with a new significant other
  • Avoiding posting photos or comments that could portray you as a negligent parent

People considering divorce should think twice before posting anything to Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site. Why? Two words: electronic discovery. Many divorce attorneys use electronic discovery to access information from social networking sites to make their case.

Before you post anything on social, ask yourself these questions. If the answer to any of these is yes, don’t post it!

Is the Post Disparaging Toward Your Spouse?

If the post directly or even indirectly paints your spouse in a negative light, don’t post it.

Does the Post Show Drug or Alcohol Use?

We strongly suggest that you avoid posting or allowing others to “tag” photos of your in situations that involve drug or alcohol use. These can be harmful in any family law case, particularly those involving custody or parenting time.

Is the Post About a New Girlfriend / Boyfriend?

Dating during divorce and sharing information about a new relationship on social media could give the court the impression that you are not fully invested in the divorce process. It could also have negative consequences for your relationship with your children, who at this point may not have had enough time to come to terms with the divorce, let alone having a new person in their lives.

Does the Post Imply You Are Not Committed to Your Children?

Avoid posting any comments or pictures that would suggest that you weren’t with your children when you were supposed to be spending time with them. Also, make sure to avoid any posts that could call into question your competence as a parent. Any posts that may show your children are in a setting that suggests you are inappropriately supervising them should be avoided.

Contact Miller Law Group, P.C. for Representation

At Miller Law Group, P.C., along with suggesting you heighten privacy settings on all of your accounts, we usually encourage our clients to stop using social media altogether while going through divorce. This is often the best way to avoid having social media posts harm your case.

If you are facing divorce and need qualified representation, contact a divorce attorney at Miller Law Group. We provide free legal consultations throughout Massachusetts.

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