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How Do Bonuses Factor Into Child Support?

How Bonuses Factor Into Child Support

Clarifying Income Changes in Child Support

In Massachusetts, the child support guidelines outline 28 different types of income. What they’re basically saying is: anything and everything is income—so much so that number 28 on the list says “anything that wasn’t covered in the first 27 listed above would go under 28.” All income counts when it comes to child support. If there was a second job or overtime during the marriage, anticipate it counting for child support.

Now when it comes to alimony, the judge may consider none, some, or all of the overtime, bonuses, and second jobs. The issue is, each Massachusetts court interprets the law and applies it in its own way. Some judges may not consider second jobs for overtime; other judges might. That’s why it’s important for you to know your judge, his or her style and how they rule on issues like second jobs, bonuses, and overtime. Again, in family law, cases are fact-specific. That’s why you need to know your court, your judge, and how they tend to rule on issues like this.

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