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Divorce cases are rough, but nothing is uglier than the deliberate attempt of one parent to poison the children’s minds against the other. If you feel your children are being alienated, contact Miller Law Group, P.C. We are prepared to seek a court order to stop parental alienation. We’ll gather as much evidence as possible to show the other parent is keeping you from seeing your children or otherwise alienating you from them.

Evidence in parental alienation cases can include the following:

  • Text Messages
  • Emails
  • Social Media Posts
  • Witness Statements

Parental Alienation Is a Form of Abuse. Our Family Lawyers Take It Seriously.

Parents who intentionally try to alienate the other parent do so with a goal in mind: to poison your children against you. Would you look the other way if your children’s other parent was neglecting the health or safety of your children, or placing them in danger? Of course, you wouldn’t. For the same reasons, you shouldn’t look the other way when parental alienation occurs. At MLG, we take the position that such behavior is inconsistent with your child’s best interest, as it can separate and ultimately sever your relationship with your child.

The most common scenarios of parental alienation that we’ve seen are:

  • When the other parent makes disparaging comments about you or members of your family
  • Undermining your parental discipline and authority
  • Playing the role of “victim” to the children
  • Making false allegations of abuse against you

Your Children Are Our Priority. Call Us Immediately.

We witness animosity between divorcing spouses every day, but when poisoning of the children begins, we attack this issue head-on using expert witnesses such as custody evaluators and forensic psychologists. Parental alienation is abuse. Just because it doesn’t leave physical marks doesn’t make it any less serious. We take these cases seriously because we know the long-lasting, permanent effects that alienation can have.

For a free case evaluation, get help for your parental alienation case by calling (508) 502-7002 or contacting us online.

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