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Contested Divorce

Massachusetts Contested Divorce Attorneys

When spouses cannot agree on all the issues, their divorce is considered contested. Contested cases require court appearances and are ultimately decided by a Massachusetts Probate & Family Court judge. When you need a strategic approach to your contested divorce case, Miller Law Group, P.C. invites you to contact our law firm so we can help you file first. Nine times out of 10, this is the strategy we take in contested cases so we can show we have a clear plan of action. We offer free consultations. Call (508) 502-7002 for yours.

The Race to the Courthouse

Some people say we are obsessed with the race to the courthouse, but there are numerous advantages to filing first.

By filing first in your contested divorce case, our law firm:

  • Sets the Agenda - When you initiate divorce, the judge hears your evidence first; as a result, you get to control the order in which the court considers the issues. If you want the first opportunity to convince the court how to rule, it would benefit you to file first.
  • Requests Temporary Orders - By filing first, you and your divorce attorney can ask the family court to grant temporary orders at the very start of the case to help protect your and your family's legal rights throughout the entire process.
  • Send a Message - Initiating the divorce proceedings sends a clear message to the other side that you mean business.
  • Surprises the Opposition - Filing first gives you the element of surprise. This might be an appropriate response in a highly-contentious relationship, to offset similar tactics by your spouse and his or her lawyer.

If done properly, filing first will allow you and your attorney to create significant advantages for yourself, avoid some common pitfalls and create a climate for a divorce settlement in which you have control of the situation.

Hiring an Attorney for Contested Divorces

It is important to know that in contested divorces, both parties may have a difficult time reaching agreement on important terms. By having a lawyer on your side, you are better able to protect your rights during contentious courtroom battles. Contested divorces are stressful. You should have someone standing by your side who can help.

Gain the Support & Intellectual Capital of Our Legal Team

We have nearly 100 years of collective experience with the intellectual capital you need to achieve a successful result in a contested divorce case. Even if you cannot file first because your spouse already served you with divorce papers, our Massachusetts divorce lawyers can still represent you, and you will have the support of our entire team. Contact us today at (508) 502-7002!

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