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Massachusetts Bankruptcy Courts

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Massachusetts Bankruptcy Courts

What You Should Know About State Bankruptcy Courts

If you’re filing for any type of bankruptcy in Massachusetts, you’ll have to do so using one of the state’s bankruptcy courts. After filing for bankruptcy, a court will review a person’s request, examine their financial situation, and plans for them to discharge their debts. If you’re filing for bankruptcy, one of the best way to handle it properly is with the help of a qualified Massachusetts bankruptcy law firm.

At Miller Law Group, P.C., we believe that every person deserves the financial freedom offered by bankruptcy. We know how important this process is for the future of clients, and we’re ready to help you approach bankruptcy the right way. We’ll work to present your finances accurately to the court, work with creditors, and negotiate a fair agreement on your behalf.

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What Do MA Bankruptcy Courts Do?

As mentioned above, bankruptcy courts examine a person’s petition for bankruptcy and then decides how they’ll pay off their debts. Depending on a person’s circumstances, a court will decide if they qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed for individuals who cannot reasonably pay off their debts and afford the cost of living. This process discharges a person's unsecured debts through liquidation. Once the process is complete, creditors can no longer seek payment from a debtor.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is meant for those who can pay off their debts and afford the cost of living. It reorganizes all or part of their debt to a schedule of manageable payments. Once a person completes their payment plan, their debts are officially discharged, and they are done with the process.

Where Are Massachusetts Bankruptcy Courts Located?

Unlike other legal issues in Massachusetts, all bankruptcy cases are handled by federal courts. In total, there are three courts in Massachusetts that deal with bankruptcy matters.

Massachusetts bankruptcy courts are located in the following places:

  • Boston
  • Worcester
  • Springfield

While a court will decide your bankruptcy, it’s important to know that you aren’t required to make multiple appearances in one. Instead, a person filing for bankruptcy will only need to attend a meeting of creditors. During this meeting, you’ll meet with a trustee assigned to your case and answer questions in front of a judge. Often, this meeting occurs outside of a courtroom setting, taking place in a conference room instead.

Can Bankruptcy Court Decisions Be Appealed?

Yes. The person who filed for bankruptcy and their creditors can file an appeal if they disagree with the decision of a Massachusetts court. Appeals must be filed within four weeks of a decision and are handled by a special appeals bankruptcy court in some circuits.

Our Firm Is Ready to Help You Successfully File for Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can be intimidating because it means negotiating with creditors and convincing a court that your request should be approved. Moreover, it’s important that your bankruptcy plan meets as little appeal friction as possible after being filed. At Miller Law Group, P.C., we’re ready to approach your situation with the thorough investigation that it deserves. We’ll make sure we file the right paperwork, present the right evidence, and protect your rights during the process. Our mission is to help clients obtain the financial freedom they deserve! Call us today to find out how we’ll work to help you.

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