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How Can I Reduce Legal Fees?

How Can I Reduce Legal Fees?

One of the questions we enjoy answering is when clients want to know how they can reduce their legal fees. We believe you should get a return on every dollar you spend. Your legal fees shouldn’t be an expense—you should consider them an investment—and you want a return on every dollar you invest. So, how are some ways that you can reduce your legal fees? First, pick your battles. You don’t want to make every issue something that’s World War III. Also, maintain a list of questions to ask your lawyer and consolidate them. Instead of having a question, picking up the phone and calling and having a 5-minute conversation—and doing that three or four times a week—you’re best to put together a list, and, once a week, have a 10-or 15-minute conversation, but have all of your questions together. You can also do the same thing by reducing it to email.

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