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Andy P. Miller

Founder & Managing Partner

What Attorney Andy Miller likes most about divorce and family law is that he gets to develop a close relationship with his clients and their families while helping them in their hour of need. “When people come to you in family law situations, they really need guidance and someone to help them through this major life change,” he says. “I represent those in need of a strong and zealous advocate.”

Attorney Miller has represented scores of men and women over the years in divorce, child custody and parenting plans, child support, alimony, modifications, and contempt of court actions. He thrives on some of the most challenging cases, where he enjoys resolving complex family law matters and fighting to get his clients the best possible results. He also helps clients analyze all aspects of their situations, taking into account tax implications and other financial considerations that are often overlooked.

Andy is known to size up cases quickly, creatively negotiate and craft settlements tailored to his clients and their needs. He isn’t afraid of high-conflict matters, where he often is successful at “showing people that impossible situations can indeed be possible.” He’s also adept at handling cases with high-net-worth clients or those with high assets. “I’m good with numbers and enjoy the challenge of untying complicated financial knots and finding fair solutions.” But the cases he likes best are those involving children, especially in complicated custody cases. “I’m a dad and I love children, so my soft spot is making sure that they are always protected, considered and cared for.”

Andy Miller says he approaches divorce and family law cases differently than many other lawyers.

“Too many attorneys in this field believe that the best way to represent their clients is by putting gas on the fire. I think my clients are better served and can achieve more when we put the fires out.”

He prefers to take a conciliatory approach, seeking to build from common ground to achieve his clients’ objectives through negotiation whenever possible. But if that doesn’t work, he’s ready to battle it out in the courtroom. “I won’t pick the fight,” he says. “But if the fight’s brought to me, the gloves come off.”

Andy Miller is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Massachusetts School of Law. He is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts. He is an avid runner and enjoys spending his free time canoeing and hiking with his wife and son.