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Family law matters are some of the most common and most significant legal problems anyone will ever face. In the best cases, family law issues can still be difficult to deal with, but in the worst cases, they're financially damaging, emotionally traumatic, and time consuming. Having an experienced family lawyer can help make sure your family law solution is cost-effective, causes minimal emotional harm, and ultimately meets your specific needs.

Miller Law Group, P.C. provides experienced and thorough family law representation to people in Dedham and surrounding communities. When you are facing issues like divorce, child custody, alimony, or anything else, you need a firm that knows how to get the best possible outcome. That's why countless people throughout Massachusetts have relied on us to create fair, lasting, and cost-effective solutions.

Our Dedham family law attorneys handle cases involving:

To date, we have provided countless free legal evaluations for people in Massachusetts. These are straightforward consultations that provide you with real, concrete and practical advice about your case, as well as the resources you need to help you achieve the best possible result. You can’t start securing your future until you know the first steps—speak with our Dedham family lawyers today.

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Avoiding Emotional Decision-Making

One of the ways we serve our clients is by helping them think strategically about their family law matter. The key to a successful case is picking the right battles (and knowing when to let something go).

Your emotions might tell you that moving out of the marital home is the right decision, but strategy says moving out too soon might hurt your case later. Your emotions might want you to post on the internet everything bad about your spouse's behavior, but strategy says that venting on social media will always make you look worse in court. Your emotions might tell you that it's worth fighting over the antique hutch in the living room, but your lawyers would tell you that spending thousands of dollars in legal fees to fight over a piece of furniture that's worth a few hundred dollars doesn't make sense—no matter how it feels.

Here are 10 mistakes people often make during a family law dispute:

  • Not telling your family lawyer everything.
  • Not putting family law issues in writing.
  • Fighting for custody without knowing how to do it well.
  • Failing to see the IRS as your common enemy.
  • Letting pettiness influence the parenting agreement.
  • Not doing a cost-benefit analysis.
  • Forgetting emails, texts, and EZ-Pass records are admissible in court.
  • Using social media angrily or without considering the consequences.
  • Showing disrespect to your spouse in court or in front of your kids.
  • Failing to gather all the financial documents you'll need.

An Approach Developed Over Decades

After hundreds of successful cases, our firm has perfected an approach to family law that helps clients get what they want. It’s an approach that has changed thousands of lives, and it’s one that gives your case the strongest chance of success in any courtroom proceeding or negotiation meeting. In short, it represents our most powerful tool.

Our courtroom advantage utilizes the following elements:

  • Collaborative Representation – Our team meets frequently to offer insight on the most complex issues of your case, investing nearly a century of experience into your case development.
  • Thorough Investigation – We utilize forensic accountants, psychologists, counselors, and other consultants to prepare for your toughest obstacles and maximize your case’s strengths.
  • Courtroom Familiarity – We are familiar with the judges and courthouses you’ll be interacting with in Dedham. We can position your case to address their specific concerns and style.

By the time you sit down to negotiate with your spouse, our team will have made your case robust and trial-ready. Having such a well-prepared case allows many people to craft an agreement or settlement that secures their future without the high costs of litigation, solving their problems with less strain and emotional stress.

Call our Dedham family law at (888) 874-2142 or use our simple online form to schedule a free case review. Your life hinges on who you choose to represent your case, and we are ready to be the difference that you need.

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