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If you’ve found yourself in significant amounts of debt, you’re not alone! A recent report revealed that the average American has $38,000 in personal debt. While debt isn’t abnormal, no one should find themselves struggling to be comfortable because of the weight of theirs.

Often, people struggling to pay of their debts thing that bankruptcy—and the years of it showing on credit reports—is their only option. This is not true. Our Massachusetts debt negotiation lawyers are ready to help you pay off creditors without needing to go through the process of bankruptcy.

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Debt Negotiation Vs. Bankruptcy

Debt negotiation and bankruptcy are two solutions for the same problem. Deciding which one is right for you should be based on your unique situation. Bankruptcy is great for people who need have their debt cleared quickly and who have limited resources to pay off their debt with. However, the process stays on a person credit report for years and might interfere with their future financial needs such as loans, credit cards, and buying a home.

Debt negotiation is a great option for people who want to clear their debts without having the process reflected on their credit report. Since creditors know a person can claim bankruptcy if they don’t work with them, they are often willing to enter debt negotiation. However, the process might require a person to pay a lump sum upfront to clear debts. Often, debt negotiation can take longer than bankruptcy, making it an option that’s only useful for people who can reach a fair deal with creditors.

Hiring a Massachusetts Debt Negotiation

Hiring a debt negotiation attorney does not guarantee a result in your negotiations. However, it does place an experienced negotiator on your side. Working with a lawyer shows the other side that you’re serious and will help you determine if the process will be a beneficial option over filing for bankruptcy.

A Massachusetts debt negotiation lawyer from Miller Law Group, P.C. will work to things such as:

  • Protect your salary from garnishments
  • Create a debt management planet
  • Consolidate your debts into one monthly payment
  • Halt interest on debts
  • Obtain the quick relief you need from your debt

Ultimately, the goal of a debt negotiation lawyers will be to reach a deal with creditors that is manageable, fair, and a beneficial alternative over bankruptcy for a client.

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At Miller Law Group, P.C., our team is focused on helping clients earn the financial freedom that they need and deserve. We know how stressful this process can be for clients, and we’re ready to be the reassuring guide you deserve. Our team is easy to reach, works collaboratively on cases, and always keeps clients updated about the status of their debt negotiation. Call us today for a free and confidential consultation.

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