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Divorce for Men

Divorce for Men in Massachusetts

Men are in a much better position today to enforce their rights as husbands and fathers. The days of judges rubber-stamping orders on behalf of wives and mothers are ending. We work closely with clients to ensure judges and opposing counsel understand this, as well. We know what is necessary for men to reach favorable outcomes in even the most contentious matters.

We're dedicated to making sure men understand their rights and fighting to uphold them.

How Men Win Custody Battles

Our family firm is your strategic partner and road map through the complex maze of the family courts, which some have referred to as being biased toward moms. We employ our best practices that have helped other fathers successfully obtain custody of their children.

These proven tactics and strategies include the following:

  • Hire a respected psychologist. Have an expert help make a convincing case as to why you should be awarded custody.
  • Take the deposition of your children’s mother immediately. We’ll ask questions and gain valuable insight into the case—plus we’ll severely restrict her ability to raise new allegations later. There are also times when we’ll want to intimidate your spouse by making clear to her the ordeal that she faces ahead. Some questions we may ask include:
    • What are your parenting strengths and weaknesses?
    • What is your opinion of your children’s father and his parenting skills?
    • What facts will you rely on to convince the court you are the better parent?
    • Do you believe he is unfit or is improper in how he parents the children?
    • Name everybody knowing the facts you contend support your claim.
    • Provide the names of all the babysitters you employ.
    • Have you ever insulted your children’s father in front of them? (Details, please)
  • Truly bond with your children. Custody orders don’t just happen because you want it. Make your children a priority.

Unfair Support Payments

For years, family law courts have been using their power to impute income to supporting spouses and/or parents based on their ability to earn income rather than their actual income. When we get involved in a case, if our client’s spouse isn’t working, even though he or she has the ability to, we stress to the courts the need for them to get educated, get into the workforce, and financially support themselves to their maximum ability. Whether your spouse needs to update her or his resume or you need the help of a vocational expert to testify as to her or his ability to work, the sooner you begin a strategic approach to protect yourself, the sooner your divorce goals will be accomplished. You can trust our family law firm to help. Read our page on justifying a decrease in alimony.

Don’t Be Overly Generous to Satisfy a Guilty Conscience

When husbands feel guilty about leaving the relationship, they may want to give their wives more than they are entitled to receive under the law. Husbands typically regret these decisions after temporary orders or a final judgment is entered.

Courtroom Conduct for Fathers

Prepare Yourself by Visiting Your Court

In professional sports, the stadiums are different in each city, but the playing field is the same. In family law, the courthouses and rules are different, but the problems presented to the different judges are often the same. When you take a field trip to court, pay particular attention to the interaction between attorneys, litigants, courtroom staff and judges. Sit quietly in the back, observe what works, and see what irritates the judge. Learn what to expect in court and what you need to do to prepare for game day—your day in court.

How to Convince a Judge to See Things Your Way

We suggest that you ask yourself, "If I was the judge, what would I want to know?"

You need to keep focused and avoid making the following mistakes:

  • Avoid the common blunders of leaving offensive text or voicemail messages, spreading gossip, and using the children for spying.
  • Be thorough in preparing your financial statement. Don’t play dirty tricks such as hiding money by deferring salary and bonuses.
  • Demonstrate your ability to be patient and show how you have the impulse-control to withstand the delays, setbacks, pain, confusion, and anxiety common to men facing divorce and custody cases.
  • Always say “our” children and not “my” children.

The Right Divorce Lawyer Can Make a Big Difference

Men can emerge from disastrous marriages and remain financially and emotionally intact. We at the Miller Law Group, P.C. fight for the rights of fathers and husbands who find themselves victimized by women whose goal—as many women often state themselves—is to take the man for everything he has. We advocate on your behalf to help with your efforts to emerge intact from a relationship gone bad, or one which never should have been formed in the beginning. Once you’ve made the decision to begin protecting your rights in your divorce or custody case, start by being an advocate for yourself. Our attorneys are here to help dads like you. We have extensive experience in family courts. To accommodate your busy schedule, we gladly offer day, night and weekend appointments.

How Fathers Can Succeed in the Family Court

Our team of Massachusetts fathers’ rights attorneys fills the needs of many fathers seeking help with their cases. No matter how hard it gets, don’t throw in the towel and walk away. You and your children don’t deserve to lose. Putting Miller Law Group, P.C. on your side is a good start to get your child custody case on the right track. Even if your case has already started and you believe is not going well, our attorneys can sit down with you, evaluate where you have been and help get your case in the right direction.

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