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How Do Judges Rule on Child Support?

How Do Judges Rule on Child Support?

Each state has child support guidelines that are based mainly on income. There are 28 different forms of income, where everything is considered as income. In Massachusetts, income only goes up to $250,000 and parenting time must be taken into consideration. College and medical insurance also are taken into consideration. Like always, it is important to know your court and know your judge!

Each state has child support guidelines that are presumed to be fair. It starts with worksheets and guidelines. For example, in Massachusetts, it starts with income, how to calculate income, and how income is defined. There are 28 definitions of income for child support calculation purposes. Number 28 says “anything else not mentioned above,” which means anything and everything is income for child support purposes.

In Massachusetts, there are also issues of attribution and deviation.

  • If you’re not working to your full potential, a judge can attribute an additional amount of income to you, even if you’re not earning it.
  • There are also issues of deviation. You can deviate for purposes such as unique needs of a child or extraordinary medical costs.

In Massachusetts, income only goes up to $250,000. Consideration of parenting time could make the child support go up or down. Furthermore, as of 2013, college costs were considerations that went into child support. Medical insurance is something that is also going to be paid and co-pays are the responsibility of the recipient for the first $250 a year. Child support cases are fact-based. Know your judge because every judge has wide discretion and can interpret the law differently.

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