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When Does Child Support End?

When Does Child Support End?

Determining the Length of Child Support Payments

In Massachusetts, child support generally ends when a child is 18.

In some scenarios, child support can continue for children over the age of 18. Usually, child support is only granted for children over 18 in cases in which the child is a full-time student and the court can use its discretion in ordering support and/or college contribution. Child support lasts for as long as is designated in the child support agreement, unless the agreement is later modified to increase, lower or even terminate.

Everyone wants to know when child support ends. There’s basically a three-tiered answer. Child support ends when:

  • The child reaches 18 or graduates high school; or
  • It can go up to the age of 21 if the child is principally dependent on that parent financially; or
  • It can go to 23 if the student is in college.

In Massachusetts, support guidelines have changed slightly over the years. Any requirement to pay child support after the age of 18 is closely scrutinized. For example, college contributions count, and whether a child is financially dependent on a parent after 18 is looked at carefully. If parenting time is any more than two-thirds to one-third, deviation is possible and an adjustment may be made to child support. For questions about Massachusetts child support rules, you should call Miller Law Group, P.C.. We help clients throughout the state reach solutions to their family law issues, and our team is ready to find answers for your case.

Deviations where you can argue against the guidelines are certainly arguments you can make before the court. Check with your attorney, find the ones that have worked best, and use those to help your case. Call us today at (508) 502-7002 to schedule a consultation.

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