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Common Divorce Tricks

Common Divorce Tricks

At Miller Law Group, we guide clients through the best route that won't put their entire case at risk. Many divorce couples attempt to pull tricks to try to achieve their desired outcome. Thanks to our years of experience, our firm knows that avoiding tricks is always best way. Be honest and forthright throughout the process, and the judge will see that. Conversely, the judge will also notice dishonesty. If the court finds out that a spouse has been pulling tricks in order to secure their desired outcome, it can do more harm than good. For that reason, Miller Law Group, P.C. guides clients through a divorce process that will help them prevail in their position, without having to use tricks.

Tricks That Can Come Back to Haunt You

There are many tempting tactics for divorce, but our divorce attorneys caution against these and similar tricks:

  • Money tricks – One of the biggest factors in any divorce is money. Things like moving money out of your spouse’s bank account, using your spouse’s account to make purchases and canceling credit cards are all tricks that should be avoided.
  • Custody tricks – Sadly, some parents use their children as pawns to get what they want out of divorce. This can include petitioning for primary custody when you really will agree to joint custody or pitting children against their other parent.
  • The silent treatment – What can seem innocuous and even beneficial can actually be a manipulative strategy used in some divorces. Refusing to talk to your spouse, while appropriate in some situations, can actually be used to intentionally create drama that isn’t there.
  • False allegations of abuse – One of the most severe divorce tactics is accusing a spouse of abuse, either spousal abuse or child abuse. Such severe allegations, if proved untrue, can have severe consequences for the accuser.

Contacting Miller Law Group, P.C. for a Shrewd Strategy

At Miller Law Group, P.C., we take time to be discerning and meticulous in order to come up with the best divorce strategies. We never use quick tricks and shortcuts to get our clients the outcome they deserve. Contact our law firm for guidance for whatever divorce-related issue you face!

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