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Alimony is one of the most talked-about aspects of a divorce. Those who need alimony may feel anxious about their financial future, while those facing the possibility of paying alimony worry that their money will belong to their ex-spouse forever. However, alimony does not need to be scary for any party involved in with divorce. In fact, with the right legal help, the alimony agreement can be fair and beneficial for everyone. To learn how, speak with the alimony lawyers at Miller Law Group, P.C. as soon as possible.

Our Beverly alimony attorneys will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your and your spouse's finances to ensure everything is on the table. Thorough preparation makes sure nothing is hidden, which allows us to have frank and honest discussions about the best agreement for you and your spouse. Our approach allows us to get the best possible results for our clients, which has earned us a reputation for being one of the most efficient and cost-effective family law firms in Massachusetts.

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Alimony in Massachusetts

Contrary to popular belief, there is no set amount or percentage for alimony in Massachusetts. Instead, courts determine alimony payments according to what it deems to be fair and equitable. So, the court decides how long alimony will last based on several factors.

Massachusetts alimony is determined by factors such as the following:

  • Length of the marriage
  • The earning capacity of both spouses
  • Both spouses’ role in life during the marriage
  • The needs of any children in the marriage
  • How much each spouse contributed to the acquisition of property
  • The age and health of both parties

As seen above, many factors can contribute to the amount of alimony paid, how long it lasts, and whether to award it at all. Courts focus on all aspects of a divorcing couple’s relationship to determine the best way to create an equitable life for both parties after the divorce. If a person who needs alimony does not have adequate legal representation, then they may find that they do not receive the alimony that they need. Or, a person facing the possibility of making alimony payments might pay more than they need to.

Massachusetts Alimony Modifications

Circumstances change, and a person may need to change their alimony agreement later in their life. These changes might involve an unexpected change in finances, a new job, or even moving to a new state. Additionally, a person may not need alimony anymore once they’ve married a new spouse.

Alimony might end or change in circumstances such as the following:

  • The death of the payor
  • The death of the payee
  • Remarriage of the payee which causes a change in income
  • If the recipient moves in with a new partner
  • A new job

While hiring a lawyer does not guarantee the desired outcome for your divorce’s alimony, it does help to ensure that you will not receive too little or pay too much. While alimony can be contested at a later time in special circumstances, but you should defend your future as soon as possible with the assistance of Miller Law Group, P.C..

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Miller Law Group, P.C. is a firm which is built around the concept that clients need more than a “victory” during a divorce. Instead, we believe in being the logical influence needed in a setting that is sometimes highly emotional. Our attorneys focus on finding fair agreements for clients and work to protect their future with logical alimony solutions. Each week, our team meets to discuss cases, so each client receives the experience and perspective of every attorney Miller Law Group, P.C..

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