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During a divorce, child custody can be one of the most stressful issues to resolve. At Miller Law Group, P.C., we know how important it is to protect your children and give them a stable, safe, and nurturing home. Our Beverly child custody attorneys are ready to remain focused on your goals while also working out a solution that benefits your child as much as possible.

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Child Custody & Massachusetts Divorce

One of the most contested issues in divorce proceedings is child custody. In some instances, only one parent is fit to take care of their child or children. In other instances, both parents want custody of their children, possibly causing a bitter custody battle. In Massachusetts, judges use several factors to make child custody decisions. However, they always emphasize one crucial thing: the child's interests come first.

Judges in Massachusetts courts consider the following for child custody:

  • Which parent is more involved in the child’s daily life
  • The age of the children
  • Where each parent lives
  • The stability of each parent’s household
  • What the child wants, if age-appropriate

Beverly Child Custody Arrangement Types

Because every family has a different dynamic, there are four main types of custody arrangements granted by judges throughout the state. These types include sole legal custody, shared legal custody, sole physical custody, and shared physical custody. Depending on the type of custody awarded by a court, a parent's custodial agreement could include primary residence and total authority over major decisions for their children, or it could limit their visitation to certain hours on certain weekends. The shape of your parenting plan will largely rest on the case your attorney makes on your behalf, either in negotiation or in litigation.

Sole Legal Custody

This type of custody describes when one parent has full responsibility and control over a child’s living situation, healthcare, education, and moral upbringing. This type of custody is granted when one parent is not involved with a child’s life or is unfit to be a safe and reliable guardian to their child.

Shared Legal Custody

Shared legal custody requires more cooperation between former spouses. Courts grant this type of custody when both parents are fit to make decisions, and the best interest of the child is served by having both parents involved in important decisions.

Sole Physical Custody

With this type of custody, a child resides with only one parent and may be visited by the other parent. In some instances, the court might determine that a child’s best interests will be to have no visitation with the parent who does not have custody.

Shared Physical Custody

As suggested by the name, sole physical custody describes when a child splits time between the residences of both parents. This helps ensure that a child maintains a relationship with both parents if both parents are fit to share custody.

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Child custody issues may be difficult to work out with your spouse, so it’s important that you receive the help of a competent legal team as soon as possible. At Miller Law Group, P.C., we know that child custody issues are emotionally charged. Our team’s goal is to protect your child’s future and help you make logical decisions that are best for you and your family. Each week, our team meets to discuss cases, so you can be certain that your case is receiving the attention of multiple attorneys from our firm.

Even if you know that you are the most qualified parent for custody rights, a court needs to have this fact proven. Your child’s future needs the protection of a dedicated family law firm, and Miller Law Group, P.C. is ready to be that for you.

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