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Miller Law Group, P.C. is a full-service family law firm that offers premium, cost-effective representation. We have one goal: get the best possible results for your case. From our Essex County office, we serve Beverly families who are facing the toughest situations of their lives, from divorce to child custody modifications and everything else between. Utilizing our thorough approach to case preparation, we are able to provide a world-class client experience to families throughout Massachusetts—giving them the emotional and legal support everyone needs.

Our approach allows our clients to customize the services they receive from us—as a result, they can control the cost and direction of their own case. Our methods are highly effective for both contested and uncontested divorces, helping us secure your interests and your future in the way that suits your needs.

Our Beverly family law attorneys handle cases involving:

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Why Couples & Families Choose Miller Law Group, P.C.

Our firm prioritizes each client's unique needs, and we pour our resources into preparing each case to fulfill their goals. Everything we do, from investigation to trial/negotiation, is designed to strengthen your position and increase the odds of getting a favorable result. As a result of our approach, our clients are able to achieve better results more smoothly and lower legal costs.

The strength of our approach is, in part, due to:

  • Weekly Collaboration – We have 13 attorneys, paralegals, and staff who meet to discuss the complexities of each client’s needs.
  • Thorough Investigation – We work with forensic accountants, vocational experts, and other experts to uncover every issue.
  • Courtroom Familiarity – Our team is deeply familiar with the Probate & Family Court in Beverly, so we know how to prepare and who to be prepared for.

Don’t let your case fall into a less-prepared attorney’s hands. Our legal team from Miller Law Group is ready to secure your future and help you move forward with peace and confidence. Call (888) 874-2142 today.

Handling Your Family Law Issue Strategically

Family law matters are deeply personal and emotional, but they're also legal procedures. Divorce can be constructive and rewarding, but they require preparation and discipline. Our Beverly family law firm serves our clients by helping them think through their divorce tactically, making choices that will reap benefits for decades to come. When you're ready to start over, we help you start fresh in the best possible condition.

Here are some of the first steps we have our clients take:

  • Get their own P.O. box
  • Close all joint credit accounts
  • Change all social media passwords
  • Change passwords on their phones and laptops
  • Make copies of the vital financial documents.

Think Logically, Not Emotionally

One of the best pieces of advice we can give anyone is to think about their family law matter as rationally and dispassionately as possible. Your goal shouldn't be to punish your spouse, make them regret how they treated you, or isolate them from your children. Your goal should be simple: divide your lives equitably and smoothly. As long as that's your goal, your divorce will go well.

For example, we tell our clients to always do a cost-benefit analysis for every divorce issue. Picking your battles will save you heartache and keep your divorce cost-effective. Is a few more dollars of monthly alimony worth fighting over? Well, that depends on how much time your lawyer will spend fighting for it. If you only stand to gain a little, your lawyer should advise you to let it go.

The most common divorce mistakes people make are:

  • Failing to tell your family law attorney everything
  • Not putting divorce agreements in writing
  • Dragging kids into the custody fight
  • Failing to treat the IRS as a common enemy
  • Getting petty with the custody agreement
  • Failing to do a cost-benefit analysis before contesting an issue
  • Forgetting emails, texts, and EZ-Pass records are admissible in court
  • Using social media irresponsibly
  • Showing disrespect to your spouse in front of your kids
  • Failing to gather a complete financial record

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