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Kathleen Black Reynolds


Attorney Kathleen Black Reynolds, affectionately known as KBR, is an assertive, skilled, and reliable advocate for her clients. With more than 14 years of experience, she offers high-level legal representation, is always prepared, and provides direct, honest, and sound advice to her clients.

Attorney Reynolds is adept at providing clients with clear, thorough explanations of their choices—supporting them through the process at every stage. No matter how minor or severe the circumstances, she provides a detail-oriented review and evaluation to ensure that her clients are well informed about their rights, duties, and obligations.

When it comes to criminal defense cases, she has a track record of success and a solid representation among clients, judges, probation officers, and prosecutors. She knows that involvement in the criminal justice system is a serious matter with limited options and life-changing consequences. While she cannot guarantee results, she does guarantee she will zealously advocate for and use her experience to obtain the best result possible.

Attorney Reynolds’ client-based approach and her meticulous evaluation of every case empower her clients to assist in their own defense and make the best possible choice for themselves and their families.

Attorney Reynolds represents clients in Middlesex, Essex, Suffolk, Worcester, and Norfolk counties; in District, Superior and Juvenile Courts; at magistrate’s hearings, bail review hearings, restraining order hearings, arraignments, motion hearings, trials, pre- and post-sentencing hearings, probation violation hearings, and RMV hearings.

In addition to her work with criminal defense cases, Attorney Reynolds is also skilled at helping clients navigate the complex issues surrounding divorce and family law. She understands the unique complexities associated with these cases and takes the same client-based approach in walking her clients through the process from beginning to end.

When not representing clients, KBR enjoys spending time with family and red Golden Retriever, Samson, road trips, and tennis.