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Creating Parenting Plans & Custody Agreements in Cambridge

Miller Law Group, P.C. knows how important it is to protect your relationship with your child during a divorce. Child custody disputes can be a stressful and bitter battle between parents that often harms children more than it does adults. Our Cambridge child custody lawyers focus on obtaining favorable results for our clients while insulating children from the process as much as possible. We’ve been the difference-maker for countless clients, and we are ready to use our experience to tailor a solution for you and your children.

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How Massachusetts Courts Decide Child Custody

Both parents always have the option of creating a parenting plan outside of court. This option is often faster, less costly, and far less taxing on everyone's emotions, and our attorneys often counsel our clients to create a custody agreement this way first. However, when both parents cannot agree on custody, they have to take their issue before the judge. When a Massachusetts court decides child custody issues, it will always choose what it believes to be best for the child based on the evidence. Sometimes, a parent might receive sole custody of a child. Other times, custody might be split between both parents.

Judges in Massachusetts courts consider the following for child custody:

  • Which parent is more involved in the child’s daily life
  • The age of the children
  • Where each parent lives
  • The stability of each parent’s household
  • What the child wants, if age-appropriate

Ultimately, how the judge rules will be based on the evidence each side presents. The more thoroughly prepared your case is, the more likely you'll receive a favorable outcome. That's why it's vital that you hire an experienced attorney. Our job is to understand your objectives, present all the evidence that supports your case, and try to convince the judge that your interests align most with the best interests of the child—all of which is far easier when you're already familiar with judges in Cambridge.

Types of Child Custody in Cambridge, MA

  • Sole Legal Custody

When a person has sole legal custody of a child, they have sole authority to make decisions for their child. These include where they live, healthcare, education, moral/religious upbringing, and other important life issues. Judges usually want both parents to have legal custody except in cases where a parent is unable to make decisions in the child's best interests.

  • Shared Legal Custody

This type of custody requires both parents to cooperate on major decisions for their child. Courts grant this custody when they believe that both parents are competent and capable of working together to make decisions that benefit their child. Because research shows that children benefit from having both parents in their lives, many judges will default to shared legal custody.

  • Sole Physical Custody

Sole physical custody is also known as residential custody and is assigned to the parent the child will live with. In most cases, a parent without physical custody will be granted visitation rights. If you believe your child would not benefit from spending any time with their other parent, speak with us so that we can build a case for your child's sake.

  • Shared Physical Custody

Sole physical custody is an arrangement where a child will live with both parents for alternating periods. Courts usually want a child to spend as much time as possible with both parents, and they will grant this custody when possible. However, shared custody is not always equal, and the amount of time each parent gets with their child might vary.

All of these arrangements can be adapted to your needs and living situation. For instance, you may have a tough work schedule that requires you to be away from home during the week; in this case, we can try to ensure your children live with you on the weekends. In some cases, children can live in a single residence while the parents will switch for alternating periods. What your custody arrangement includes can and should be aligned with your unique needs.

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Child custody issues can be life-changing, so they require the help of an experienced attorney. At Miller Law Group, P.C., our attorneys are completely focused on family law. Each week, we discuss our cases so every client benefits from the collective insight and experience of our entire firm. We know that child custody issues are emotionally charged, so we are proud to be the calm and measured counsel our clients need. There are no winners and losers in family law. However, you need the help of Miller Law Group, P.C. to protect yourself from receiving an unfair child custody agreement. During a child custody hearing, a court does not know you are the best option for your child’s care. You need to prove your ability to take care of your child, and we are ready to help you do this.

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