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After a divorce, the state of Massachusetts requires parents to care for their child with financial support—regardless of whether they are involved in the child’s life. Put simply, child support is the money one parent gives to another to ensure that their child’s needs are met. If you need child support or you expect to pay child support, you need the help of an experienced family law attorney to ensure your child's needs are met while being fair to you and your finances. At Miller Law Group, P.C., our Boston child support lawyers have the experience and skills you need to guide you. Our firm pours considerable resources into each case, helping us understand your goals and create a child support plan that gets you the best possible outcome.

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How Do Massachusetts Courts Decide Child Support?

There are a variety of factors a court considers when deciding a child support plan. During a divorce, the court will first decide if child custody is necessary, then determine the amount of child support needed, depending on your situation. Investigating and gathering documents to support your case will be one of the most important duties your attorney has; make sure your lawyer is committing enough resources to preparing your case according to each factor below.

The factors that judges consider when deciding on a child support plan include:

  • Parenting time (custody & visitation)
  • Each parent’s income
  • The estimated cost of childcare
  • Extraordinary medical expenses
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Additional revenue (commissions, bonuses, etc.)
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Number of children

If two parents receive equal custody of a child, the court will calculate the income of both parents, and calculate their respective child support amounts. The judge will then take the difference between the two and adjust how much each parent receives for child support.

Child Support Modifications in Boston, MA

Parents are bound to go through life changes, and those changes may require child support modifications. If a person providing child support gets a pay cut, or if the person receiving child support gets new source of income, you can request a modification to your child support order. However, you must provide proof of anything you claim; that's where having an experienced attorney becomes invaluable. You have one chance every three years to request modification, so don't waste it.

Child support modifications might be made by a court if:

  • The amount would be different if it were recalculated using current standards
  • Health insurance costs have changed or was previously not available, and it is now
  • Any other substantial change in circumstances that may affect either party’s financial situation

One question our attorneys always have our clients ask is, "does asking for modification make financial sense?" For instance, if you're talking about a difference of $100 a month for 10 years of payment, that's a $12,000 difference and worth modifying. If you're talking about a difference of $50 a month for 2 years, you might be better off just finishing out the current plan.

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