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If you need legal assistance with child custody, the Woburn child custody lawyers at Miller Law Group, P.C. are here to help you. When creating child custody plans, we are dedicated to protecting our client’s and their children’s best interests. All of our clients get the representation of a skilled child custody lawyer as well as the support and intellectual capital of our entire family law firm. Our team regularly meets to discuss individual cases, providing strategic insight gathered over decades of practice and experience. If you are going through a divorce, you may have countless questions regarding child custody and parenting plans. Below, we've gathered information you should know to achieve the desired outcome for your case.

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Who Gets the Children in a Divorce?

Determining custody and parenting time is a sensitive process that affects both parents and children alike. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be hostile. Parents have the option of crafting a parenting plan together, mutually agreeing to the terms that they set. However, not every couple is prepared for that sort of collaborative work. If you're unable to come to an agreement with your spouse, the court will determine the custody plans with the child(ren)’s best interests in mind. The disadvantage of this arrangement is that you'll be stuck with whatever the judge decides.

The judge will consider various factors when deciding on a child custody plan, including:

  • Which parent is more involved in the day-to-day
  • The age of the children
  • Where the parent lives, if not together
  • How stable each parent and household is
  • What the child prefers, if age-appropriate

Since the judge will be using all available evidence to determine the child custody arrangement, it's vital for your attorneys to provide a thoroughly prepared and well-documented case on your behalf. Some things you can do to prepare include gathering income tax returns, bank statements, and other financial records. You should also complete the child support guidelines worksheet. Doing all this will help your attorney prepare a strong case that suits your goals as a parent.

What Are the Different Types of Child Custody?

In Massachusetts, there are various types of child custody plans that a judge can award to a parent. The different types of child custody plans include the following:

  • Legal Custody: This type of custody allows one or both parents to provide input on how their child is raised.
  • Physical Custody: This type of custody regards the child’s residence and which parent the child will primarily live with.
  • Joint Custody: Joint custody describes an arrangement where both parents are decision-makers in a child's life.
  • Sole Custody: Sole custody is the opposite of joint custody; it describes an arrangement where a child has a single residence or a single legal guardian.

Massachusetts family courts recognize that the benefit of having both parents in a child's life. Unless a parent is a threat to the child's health or safety, most courts will grant joint legal custody. Even in cases where a parent is granted sole physical custody (i.e. the child only lives with him or her), the court will likely give the other parent a right to regular scheduled visits. If you believe such an arrangement would not be in your child's best interests, speak with us as soon as possible.

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