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Divorces are already difficult. So, when a person is facing the possibility of having their relationship with their children transformed, it can significantly increase stress. During a divorce, courts always try to make custody decisions based on what they deem is best for a child or children. If child custody is an issue or will be an issue during your divorce, you need help from Miller Law Group, P.C. as soon as possible. Hiring our team will place an advocate on your side that is completely focused on family law in Massachusetts. We know how local courts work, and we know how to defend the parenting rights of our clients. We’ve made a difference for hundreds of families, and are ready to do the same for you.

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Child Custody Decisions in MA

Massachusetts provides child custody based on what it believes will be most beneficial to the development of the child or children of a divorcing couple. A court does not decide custody based on a preference toward mothers or fathers. A court will examine things such as finances, mental health, physical health for both parents.

Additional factors used by courts include the following:

  • Which parent is more involved in the child’s daily life
  • The age of the children
  • Where each parent lives
  • The stability of each parent’s household
  • What the child wants, if age-appropriate

Types of Child Custody in MA
Sole Legal Custody

Sole legal custody means that one parent receives the authority to make important decisions for a child’s life. These important life decisions include education, healthcare, moral upbringing, and other important issues. Legal custody does not define physical custody, and it is significantly influenced by a court’s assessment of each parent’s decision-making abilities.

Shared Legal Custody

As mentioned above, courts examine the decision-making abilities of both parents when deciding legal custody. If both parents have stable mental health and can make decisions for their child, joint legal custody will be granted by a court. This type of legal custody means that both parents will need to work together in some capacity for important decisions regarding their child’s life

Sole Physical Custody

Sole physical custody defines which parent a child will live with full time. It prevents a child from living in an environment which is not beneficial for them. A living situation which might not benefit a child could be one that is far away from their schooling or one that is with a mentally or physically unhealthy parent.

Shared Physical Custody

Shared custody might be best for a child when both parents are mentally and physically healthy and live close enough to each other to make transferring custody simple. A court might favor shared custody for a child because it provides them with the ability to experience life with both of their parents.

You Have Rights as a Parent—We’ll Help You Defend Them

Child custody decisions can change the lives of children and their parents. If you’re facing child custody issues in Massachusetts, turn to a law firm completely focused on family law in the state for help. Our attorneys approach each case from every angle and collaborate on cases to ensure that we explore every option available to a client. Family law is never about winning. Instead, it should be focused on finding fair results. When it comes to child custody, we’ll work to reach a fair agreement which preserves your relationship with your child or children as much a possible.

Call us today for help at (508) 502-7002. Our Quincy child custody lawyers have been difference-makers for parents across the state and we are ready to be the same for you!

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