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Creating a child custody agreement can be difficult for both parents. At Miller Law Group, P.C., we are dedicated to helping each client create a child custody plan that benefits their children while meeting their specific needs. With thorough case preparation and weekly collaborative sessions between all our attorneys, we are able to help our clients develop a strong child custody case.

Our goal is always to obtain a fair outcome with your and your child’s best interests in mind. Our Plymouth child custody attorneys have helped countless clients throughout Massachusetts resolve highly contested custody disputes smoothly while getting them the results they needed. Our approach is to handle child custody issues as rationally and compassionately as possible, helping our clients make decisions that will benefit them and their children long-term.

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Child Custody Agreements in Plymouth

When courts are determining a child custody agreement, they thoroughly analyze the family’s relationships and dynamics to create a parenting plan that's in the child’s best interest. Because judges can only make decisions based on the evidence before them, it's vital to have a Plymouth child custody lawyer who thoroughly prepares your case to gather as much evidence as possible in support of your position.

Massachusetts judges and courts will consider the following for child custody agreements:

  • Which parent is more involved in the child’s daily life
  • The age of the children
  • Where the parents live
  • The stability of each parent’s household
  • What the child wants, if age-appropriate

Litigation is time-consuming, costing a great deal of money and heartache to both parents and children, but there's a way to avoid litigation in your child custody case. One of the most cost-effective ways to determine child custody is to create a parenting plan out-of-court. Meeting with your spouse and your lawyers outside of the courtroom allows you to set the terms of the parenting plan, resolving any disagreements between you and your spouse in the privacy of your meeting. The outcome is 1) a far less stressful and costly process, and 2) a parenting plan that's more likely to align with your specific needs and goals. Even if you're 99% certain your spouse will want to take you to court, an out-of-court approach may still be worth trying.

The Different Types of Child Custody

There are four different types of custody that a judge can grant a parent according to what they believe is the best solution. The different types of child custody in Massachusetts include:

  • Legal Custody: This custody grants the authority to determine how a child should be raised. It includes decisions regarding healthcare, religious or moral upbringing, education, and other vital choices.
  • Physical Custody: This custody determines with whom a child will live. It is also sometimes called "residential custody."
  • Joint Custody: Joint custody means both parents share the responsibility of raising their child. In general, judges prefer to have parents share custody over their children. Even if a parent has sole physical custody, they may share joint legal custody over their child, which means they need to consult the other parent on major parenting decisions.
  • Sole Custody: This is when only one parent has full custody of the child. While it's common for some parents to have sole physical custody, the court may still grant the other parent visitation rights. It is less common for courts to grant one parent sole legal custody, but it's still a possibility under the right circumstances.

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The Plymouth child custody lawyers at Miller Law Group, P.C. are dedicated to helping clients obtain their desired child custody results. We know how significant a child custody agreement will be to every member of your family. That's why we work tirelessly to ensure you get the outcome that best suits your needs. We work with top-quality specialists who help us prepare every aspect of your child custody case, including vocational experts and custody evaluators. They help us ensure that we develop a strong case, which increases your chances of getting an ideal result.

Call our Plymouth child custody lawyers today at (888) 874-2142 for a free consultation!

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