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Divorce is never easy. While some divorces are amicable, many more are highly contested. Whether you are divorcing with a cooperative spouse or not, you need the help of an experienced family law firm. Miller Law Group, P.C. is a firm dedicated to helping the residents of Massachusetts protect themselves during a divorce. Our Mansfield divorce lawyers know your legal matter isn't about winning; instead, it's about finding the best solution for all the disputes that may arise during divorce. When we help clients, we do so with their future in mind; that's why we pour our resources into designing divorce agreements that suit their specific needs and goals.

Avoid these 10 common divorce mistakes by doing the following:

  • Tell your attorney everything
  • Put all divorce issues in writing
  • Consider your goals when fighting for custody
  • See the IRS as the common enemy for you and your spouse
  • Don't fight for anything out of pettiness or resentment
  • Do a cost-benefit analysis for every contested issue in your divorce
  • Remember that emails, texts, and EZ-Pass records can be used against you
  • Use social media responsibly. When in doubt, don't post it.
  • Show respect to your spouse—especially in front of the kids.
  • Gather a complete financial record—leave nothing out.

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Navigating Divorce in Mansfield, MA

Miller Law Group, P.C. is completely focused on family law issues. This means that our attorneys are well-versed with how Mansfield courts handles divorce. We work to secure the futures of clients and have been proud to make a difference in the lives of countless families throughout the state.

Our Mansfield divorce attorneys help with all aspects of family law, including the following:

Many factors can complicate a divorce, even if both sides are cooperating. Property division, child custody, financial support, and other issues should be resolved with the assistance of a dedicated attorney. Our law firm can help you create a divorce agreement that has short-term and long-term benefits. Miller Law Group, P.C. is ready to provide the legal advice your divorce needs to be as successful as possible.

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Over the years, Miller Law Group, P.C. has provided the dedication and experienced that clients deserve. We don’t take your needs lightly and will approach your legal matters with the care and attention they require. Every member of our firm is focused completely on family law, and our Mansfield divorce attorneys know the family law courts in the area operate. We’ll piece together a divorce agreement that protects your future and won’t hesitate to represent you in court if your spouse refuses to cooperate. We know how stressful this time is for you, and our team will refuse to let you receive unfair treatment throughout the process. Call us today to start planning your divorce.

Consultation with our Mansfield divorce attorneys is free when you call us at (508) 644-8235.

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