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Miller Law Group, P.C. is committed to one thing: securing your future. As Burlington divorce attorneys, we have a unique opportunity to help you start the next stage of your life with peace and confidence. Our skilled and proactive counsel makes sure you present the strongest possible case to the court—protecting your children and your livelihood.

What makes us so effective is our ability to adapt to any situation, regardless of complexity, animosity, or history. Ultimately, every couple is different—which means their divorce will need to be uniquely customized according to their needs. In contested divorces, our firm will defend your interests while ensuring as smooth of a process as possible. In uncontested divorces, our attorneys make sure your divorce proceedings are cost-effective, painless, and mutually beneficial.

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Planning Your Divorce with Burlington Family Lawyers

Divorce can be constructive. It won't always be pleasant, but it can be rewarding for you, your children, and your ex-spouse. However, those sort of divorces take preparation—and that requires listening to your Burlington divorce attorney.

Whatever shape your divorce takes, it's vital for you to be proactive. To start with, we recommend you get your own P.O. box so you can keep your mail separated from your spouse's. You'll also want to close joint credit accounts and change all the passwords for your social media profiles, computers, and mobile devices. Start making copies of relevant financial documents.

The top 10 mistakes people make during their divorce include the following:

  • Not telling your attorney everything
  • Not putting divorce issues in writing
  • Fighting for custody without thinking it through
  • Failing to see the IRS as a common enemy for both of you
  • Getting petty with parenting and custody issues
  • Failing to do a cost-benefit analysis for arguing through divorce issues
  • Forgetting emails, texts, and EZ-Pass records can be used against you
  • Using social media in a way that weakens your case
  • Lacking respect for your spouse (especially in front of the kids)
  • Failing to gather complete financial documents

One mistake we see couples make all the time is treating divorce like a marital argument with referees.

Divorce is a legal proceeding, no matter how emotional or personal it may feel. Making rash decisions like moving out of the marital home out of anger, venting about your feelings regarding your spouse on social media, or fighting over every little issue will not only hurt you in the long run—taking actions like those will ensure that your divorce won't end well for you.

The Benefit of Multiple Experts & Investigators

In our quest to develop your case into its strongest possible form, Miller Law Group, P.C. works with a top-quality group of specialists who help us thoroughly investigate every aspect of your divorce.

Our collaborators often include:

  • Vocational Experts
  • Custody Evaluators
  • Educational Experts
  • Forensic Accountants

Whatever your case demands, you’ll have the collective experience of our attorneys, paralegals, and staff. Our firm collaborates on every case, investing more insight into your situation than a single attorney could offer. If you’ve been served with divorce papers, you need to get an attorney on your side as soon as possible. By the same token, if you’re considering a divorce, you should be proactive. Doing so ensures that you’ll control the process and preserve your current financial state, keeping your spouse honest and accountable.

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