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The 1st Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign in 18 Years

Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito met with Springfield program leaders and state officials at the YWCA of Western Massachusetts on June 14 to discuss priorities for the upcoming domestic violence awareness campaign. Dozens of women and children advocates from Hampshire, Berkshire, and Hampden counties attended the meeting to discuss the importance of creating a new statewide campaign to help bring awareness to domestic and sexual abuse issues.

“We’re treating this as a public health epidemic," Polito said of sexual and domestic violence. Polito discussed how technology has brought major changes to domestic violence and abuse within the last 18 years. Social media has become a new avenue for individuals to experience sexual harassment and abuse, primarily for younger users.

“Technology can be helpful and technology can be harmful," Polito said to the group, referring to "sexting" and cyber-bullying. This has motivated the campaign to focus its message on youth and teen violence.

Although organizations like the Womenshelter/Compañeras in Holyoke have had difficulties bringing domestic violence education and awareness to local schools, they are optimistic that the help of state officials will enable them to reach more students.

How Does Domestic Violence Impact Family Law?

Domestic violence is both a criminal matter and a family matter. Family law governs how people may protect themselves and loved ones from a violent or abusive spouse or family member. Allegations of domestic abuse can deeply impact family law cases, either as the accuser or the accused.

How Domestic Violence Can Change Child Custody

If a parent claims that their child is a victim of abuse from their other parent, the judge can issue a temporary order granting one parent sole custody to protect their child. If you or your child is experiencing abuse, it is vital to contact a family law attorney to help protect your family.

If you or a family member are victims of domestic violence, the Springfield family law attorneys at Miller Law Group, P.C., have the resources and experience you need to protect yourselves. Get in touch with us today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.

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