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Divorce: 7 Things to Avoid

Even with an attorney’s help, when spouses are on the best terms, and when there are no children or complicated financial assets involved, divorce can be messy. It can be expensive. It can certainly be stressful. Fortunately, there are ways you can make your divorce go a bit more smoothly, and it starts with avoiding some common missteps.

In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the most common divorce mistakes and how you can avoid these.

Letting Emotions Get in the Way

During a divorce, you are going to have to ask yourself some tough questions. You’re going to need to make difficult decisions. When you make these choices with a clear head, without anger or resentment, you can pick what’s best for your future. There’s nothing wrong with fighting for the assets you deserve and for time with your children. Just make sure you’re doing it because it’s in your best interests, not because you know it will hurt your ex. Getting assets or custody out of revenge or anger can only turn out poorly in the long run.

In some divorces, spouses will begin to fight over the strangest or seemingly smallest details. It may be a piece of artwork, a couch, or the family pet. In one odd case, a Massachusetts couple fought over a six-pound catfish named Pinky. When emotions get in the way, it can cloud judgment and lead to expensive and stressful battles that could have been resolved if each party had taken a moment to stop and think.

Hiding Marital Assets or Property

In Massachusetts, marital property is subject to equitable distribution in a divorce. This means that it must be divided fairly. You need to provide complete and accurate information regarding all your property and assets. Trying to hide assets or misrepresent your financial situation can result in significant fines and court fees, and it can cause you to lose precious ground in your case.

Lying, Misrepresenting, or Exaggerating Facts & Information

Divorce is a legal proceeding. If you lie in court, misrepresent information, or are dishonest in any way, you could face fines and even criminal charges for fraud (depending on the severity of the situation). With your attorney’s guidance, be honest and forthcoming in all proceedings related to your divorce. Lying in an attempt to gain custody or assets is just not worth the risk.

Fighting for the Family Home

Who will keep the family home? This is one of the most complicated and challenging parts of a divorce for most couples. It is typically the most valuable asset a couple owns, and many people have strong emotional attachments to their homes. Take a long, hard look at how holding onto the house might affect you and decide accordingly. Trying to take over mortgage and property tax payments on your own can be difficult. It might be time to downsize or upgrade in a more affordable neighborhood.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

After a divorce, your life will change dramatically. There’s no getting around it. Instead of being caught off-guard by high spousal support payments or facing financial struggles because you failed to claim the alimony you deserve, educate yourself on Massachusetts divorce, child support, property division, and spousal support laws. Talk to your attorney about how these laws affect your unique situation and make decisions based on what’s best for you now and into the future. With realistic expectations, you can prepare for what’s to come—and face a more stable future as a result.

Violating Court Orders

Once you’ve officially filed for divorce, the court may issue orders related to alimony, custody, and the like. Make sure you understand these orders. Comply with them. If you don’t agree or understand, ask your attorney to clarify. You can also pursue a modification in some cases, but do not ignore or intentionally violate a court order. This can have serious financial and legal implications, and it can negatively impact the outcome of your divorce.

Choosing to “Go It Alone” Without a Massachusetts Divorce Attorney

As with any legal matter, your interests are best protected by an attorney. Divorce is life-changing. It can be difficult, but it can open the door to new adventures and a better future. With a skilled attorney to protect your interests while helping you navigate the divorce process, you will have the best opportunity at rebuilding and moving on with your life. You can reach a better financial situation and can preserve your relationship with your children. Trying to handle your divorce online or without an attorney’s help leaves you exposed to custody, support, and property division agreements that jeopardize your financial stability and your well-being.

Miller Law Group, P.C. is here to help you avoid common divorce mistakes. Our experience and dedication to helping our clients through the most challenging times has led to outstanding results time and again, and we are ready to see how we can assist you. Contact our Massachusetts divorce lawyers today to learn more!

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