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Here’s Why MA Parenting Plans Are a Great Idea for Unmarried Parents

When two people have a child while unmarried, it’s a great idea for them to obtain a parenting plan. A parenting plan is a legal document that clarifies important details related to raising a child. Parenting plans allow two parents who are not together—whether formally or informally—ensure that both of their rights are protected and that their child’s interests are protected with a legal agreement.

Child Support & Parenting Plans

First, it’s crucial to create a parenting plan because it outlines requirements for child support if one parent needs it. Often, unmarried parents think making an informal agreement for child support is the right decision since it’s a less complicated process. However, informal agreements have no legal weight and, if the paying parent decides to stop for any reason, the other parent might find themselves in a difficult financial situation with their child.

Much like a divorce agreement, a parenting plan creates child support requirements that are legally binding. This means that the receiver of child support can request a court’s assistance if the paying parent does not fulfill their obligations.

Parenting Plans for Child Custody & Visitations

When a child is born to unmarried parents, it’s generally presumed that a mother has legal custody. However, creating a parenting plan can protect a child’s relationship with both parents. It guarantees how much time a child spends with both parents. This way, a child can benefit from spending time with their mother and their father.

Parenting plans can also dictate visitation rights. Visitation rights help a parent spend time with their child, even if they’re unable to care for them full time for any reason. Custody and visitation rights are a great way for unmarried parents to maintain communication with each other for the benefit of their child or children.

Creating the Right Parenting Plan in Massachusetts

If you’re looking to create the right parenting plan for your situation, you need to make sure it’s as customized to your needs as much as possible. Every set of unmarried parents have a different situation. So, finding a law firm that’s ready to work with you and your child’s other parent is important.

At Miller Law Group, P.C., we approach every case we work on with the attention it deserves. Importantly, we limit our caseload purposefully so our clients can be certain that we’re always able to focus on their needs. We also have a weekly meeting so our attorneys can work together an obtain fresh perspectives on the cases they’re handling. If you need help with your child’s parenting plan, we’ll listen to your story, investigate your options, and work to create a document that is designed to last.

Call our parenting plan lawyers now at (888) 874-2142 to start the process. An initial consultation with our team is free so you can decide if we’re the right family law firm for you.

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