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What Is Limited Assistance Representation in Family Law?

Often, lawyers help clients work through the entirety of their case. For example, when a family law attorney helps a person with their divorce, they’ll often handle all aspects of it including all court filings, paperwork, and negotiating with the other side. While having the help of a lawyer is crucial, it isn’t always affordable for everyone. In these instances, a person might rely on something known as limited assistance representation (LAR).

With LAR, a person can get professional legal assistance with the parts of their case that they need it with. When a person needs help with a court appearance, they can use LAR to hire an attorney for it. Hiring an attorney using LAR is also useful if a person only needs help with drafting a legal document and can handle the other parts of their case on their own.

Is LAR Available at All Massachusetts Courts?

Massachusetts courts allow LAR for any non-criminal case. While the LAR program was initially used by a few courts, it’s now possible in all MA courts including:

  • Superior Court
  • Probate and Family Court
  • Housing Court
  • District Court
  • Boston Municipal Court
  • Land Court

If you’ve already filed a case and have determined that you need legal assistance, you can turn to a lawyer for help at any point in the process. For example, a person might be under the impression that their divorce will be simple. In some instances, parties involved with an uncontested divorce can develop disagreements that can slow the process, making hiring an attorney using LAR helpful to resolve these issues. Or, divorcing spouses might wish to work with a lawyer to make sure their agreement is legally sound and designed to stand the test of time.

How to Determine what Parts of Your Case to Hire a LAR Attorney For

The most important part of hiring a LAR attorney is finding one that you trust. At Miller Law Group, P.C., our team places the interests of clients first and focus our attention on family law matters to make sure we’re serving their interests. Since we build a personal relationship with our clients, we take the time to learn about their goals and objectives to help inform them what legal tasks we think they should hire us to help them with.

We can help you understand things such as:

  • What fees are involved with your case
  • If you’ll need our help with court proceedings
  • If you’ll need our help drafting legal documents
  • The most cost-efficient ways to use LAR services on your case
  • What you should do and what you should rely on a lawyer for

Every case is different and understanding how you can use LAR starts with a discussion. To make our services easier to obtain, calling us at (508) 502-7002 will provide you with a free consultation. This way, you can learn about our team and determine if we’re the right firm for you free from obligation.

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