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What If I Need A Divorce but Can’t Afford One?

Divorce is frightening to many people, and it is so for a very logical reason. When a person needs a divorce, they are changing the original plan that they had for their life. When a divorce is needed, it takes as much courage as it does finances. However, what happens when courage is plentiful, but money is not? If a person is worried about affording their divorce, they may be surprised to find out that they have more options than they initially expect.

Option One: Separate Support

When a couple separates without divorcing, most states grant what is known as legal separation. Legal separation is a designation that allows people to live independently without divorcing. However, the state of Massachusetts does not offer this option to spouses. Instead, the state offers an option known as separate support.

Essentially, this process is like legal separation and allows a person to request support from their spouse without having to live with them. Separate support avoids the division of assets and may represent less of a financial risk for a person who is worried about the cost of a divorce. 

Option Two: Speak with an Attorney

Divorce might be more attainable than you think. Many individuals who rely on their spouse for financial support often falsely believe that they do not have the finances needed to file for divorce. However, the state of Massachusetts splits assets between two divorcing people.

The state does not split property evenly. Instead, a Massachusetts judge will split a couple’s marital assets according to what is most fair and gives each person the most stability post-divorce. So, if a spouse earns all the income for a couple, it is likely that they will need to pay alimony so their former partner can afford life after marriage.

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Speaking with an attorney will help a person decide if they can afford their services. At Miller Law Group, P.C., we proudly offer initial consultations that are free of charge because we know that the people who come to us need options. This way, you can speak with one of our experienced Massachusetts divorce lawyers. We’ll examine your situation and help you decide if our services are affordable for your financial situation. During instances in which a divorce is mutual, an uncontested divorce might be the best option as it will save you and your spouse time and money.

If you need a divorce but are unsure of your finances, you might have more options than you think. Call our Massachusetts divorce attorney for a free consultation right now at (508) 502-7002.