Massachusetts Military Divorce Attorneys

Members of the military and their families face unique challenges when it comes to divorce. Miller Law Group, P.C. helps the men and women who serve our country — as well as their spouses — seek favorable outcomes in divorce. While any type of divorce is often accompanied by a degree of stress and uncertainty, military members and their spouses face additional questions such as:

  • What happens if I’m served divorce papers while on active duty?
  • Where do I send divorce papers if my husband or wife is on active duty?
  • Can custody decisions be made when one parent is overseas or out of state?
  • What happens to my military pension?
  • Where will my divorce case take place?

The Massachusetts divorce lawyers at Miller Law Group are here to walk you through these and other issues. We understand the unique issues and complexities involved in divorce cases involving members of the military, and we are prepared to tackle any challenges you might face with experience and skill.

How Military Divorce Differs from Civilian Divorce

There are a lot of ways that military divorces differ from civilian divorces. There are some unique rules as to jurisdiction; serving military members who are deployed elsewhere; and dividing assets and marital estates — especially military pensions, which are governed by special rules. It is therefore absolutely critical that you hire an attorney who understands the unique ways in which military divorces work.

Stalling Divorce Proceedings for Active Duty

If you or your spouse is on active duty in the military, military laws protect cases from commencing without the military spouse being present. This means final divorce orders cannot be entered by default without the military spouse having a say in the matter. While it is not always possible to delay temporary orders, final orders can be stalled until a military spouse is off active duty.

How Miller Law Group, P.C. Can Help You

The Massachusetts military divorce lawyers at Miller Law Group, P.C. help servicemen and women and their spouses in divorce proceedings. All Miller Law Group clients benefit from our top-notch legal team, our 100 years of collective experience and our extensive knowledge of the Massachusetts Probate & Family Law Courts. Whether your divorce is moving along amicably or you are facing a highly contentious, complex divorce, we have the intellectual capital and resources you need to secure a favorable outcome in your military divorce!

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